This index includes listings in over forty notebooks compiled by at least ten people. It includes names from Reynolds County, surrounding counties and from people who had a connection to Reynolds County. All names in all collections were included, so there will be duplications. Some results will be exact copies; some may differ. Occasionally, the result will be only a death notice.

     The index includes last name, first name, dates where available, volume number of notebook and page number. A date listed as 1-1-1898 means the person was born sometime in 1898, unless by chance, he was born 1-1-1898. A date of 0-00-0000 means the year is not known.  Start by searching by last name. That may help you locate a first name that you may not have. If that gives too many results, try searching by last name, space, first name. Do not use commas. This is a large number of names, so give the list time to load and bring up the search screen.

To request an obituary, give the last name, first name, volume and page so we can locate the obituary. Requests sent by email will be answered by email for no charge. A donation would be appreciated to help defray operating expenses of the museum. Phone or U.S. mail requests will be answered by mail, with a charge of five dollars, sent with your request, for the first name and one dollar for each additional name.

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