Buford-Carty Cabin

Built for the family of Thomas and Calphurnia (Carty) Buford in 1847, using hand hewn native short leaf pine logs and hand tooled local stone, both found on the farmstead; the Buford-Carty Log House stands today as testimony to the six generations of family ownership and the lives of the people who lived here. Few homes survived the historical events of the time period and generations of family ownership. Read More

Fort Barnesville

Fort Barnesville is one of two National Historic Sites in Reynolds County. It was placed on the National Register on July 1, 1998, based mainly on the work of Gerald Angel and those who assisted him. The fort lay undiscovered until local farmer Dan Massie came upon it in the 1950s at night on horseback. He told no one but his immediate family about the site. However, in 1995, after Dan’s son had married Gerald Angel’s daughter, the story of the unusual earthworks reached Gerald. From research done at Fort Benton at Patterson, Gerald recognized the formation as a fort. Read More